4 Reasons Why I’m Excited About the iPhone 7 (And 2 Reasons Why I’m Not)

Yes, you could say I’m an Apple fanboy, but after seeing the iPhone 7 introduction from a couple of days ago, I really like the idea of owning one. Of course, it’s not perfect but it seems to be a great device. That’s why I compiled this list of four reasons to be excited about it and two reasons not to.


First of all, we need to talk about the camera. It’s a 12Mpx camera, which may not sound impressive compared to other phones that go all the way to 40Mpx or SLRs with 50Mpx. However, we need to remember that, there are pixels and there are pixels. These are the latter and the quality of the images, at least those shown in the previews, simply do not disappoint.

We’ve all heard that the most important element in a camera is the lens, and we’re now talking about a 28mm equivalent, f/1.8 lens. A similar lens for a modern SLR is usually around 5.5cm (2.2 in) long and weighs around 300g (10 oz) so it’s not quite “pocketable”. The iPhone 7 fits in your pants pocket and it’s always with you, so it’s always available with a fixed lens that’s capable of showing the world almost as you see it.


Talking about the iPhone 7 camera without mentioning the telephoto lens and second camera of the iPhone 7 Plus would be wrong. Why? Just one word: Bokeh. The second camera on the iPhone 7 Plus has a 56mm equivalent lens, with an aperture of f/2.8. It’s a slight telephoto, but still enough to produce bokeh, the “blurry background” effect. According to the iPhone 7 presentation, the blurry background is achieved by a combination of optics and software, but still, it looks great on the demo and it could be a great reason to upgrade.

Another welcome change is, the camera now shoots in Raw, creating DNG files. This is actually an iOS 10 feature, but we’ll see it when the iPhone 7 hits the market.

Battery life

The iPhone 7 now has a very interesting processor, which has four cores but they are not all the same. Two of those cores are high performance while the other two are power efficient. This is supposed to be more energy efficient, so you end up with a longer lasting battery. And I think we all agree that a longer lasting battery is always a good thing 😀

Processing Power

All that processing power is great for efficiency, but it’s also great for processing power, and that is a great feature if you do some of your photo processing on the phone using Lightroom Mobile, Photos, Snapseed or something like that. It’s even better if you use iMovie, Premiere Clips or any other video editing software on the phone.

Of course, it also helps you catch more pokemons! 😉

Home Button

It’s haptic! It doesn’t have moving parts! This used to be one of the iPhone’s weak points of previous generations because, even if Apple ever-engineers so many of their products, the home button was usually the main point of failure of the iPhone. Many people (me included) activated the accessibility option to have a “virtual” home button on the screen, so we reduced the wear and tear of the home button, trying to improve on its lifespan. We won’t have to do it again because, now that the button is haptic, we can press it as often as we want, nothing will move (nor tear) and it will just go on and on for years to come.

As I mentioned, it’s not a perfect device and here are my reasons not to be excited about the iPhone 7.

Wireless Sound

Yes, Bluetooth audio has improved in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years so, even though I really liked the whole idea of synchronizing/linking wireless earphones to all your devices, I’m not sure the sole concept of listening to audio without cables is so revolutionary. So the whole we-removed-the-audio-port-because-we-have-courage left me a bit meh.


If you’ll miss the audio port because you consider yourself an audiophile, you can always connect a DAC to the Lightning port and listen to great sounding music.

Jet Black


This is a finish that looks great in product shots, but I seriously question its appeal once I have the phone in my hands. I’ll get the Black or Silver version.

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