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Get the Most Out of Your Action Camera

Action Cam - Feature

A few weeks ago I went on a vacation trip to Chiapas, a state in Southern Mexico. What did I shoot with? An action camera! Here’s why.

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What’s With Lightroom CC 2017?

Lightroom CC 2017 - Featured

A few days ago, Adobe unveiled Lightroom CC 2017, along with Lightroom Classic CC 2017. Confused yet? Let me try and clarify it for you, and I’ll explain why you may or may not love it/them.

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5 Reasons Why I Like the Profoto A1 (And 3 Reasons Why I Don’t)

Profoto A1 Feature

A few days ago, Profoto launched a new product which they call “the world’s smallest studio flash” in the form of a speedlight. Here’s what I like about it and what I don’t.

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Opening a Box of Goodies! (Unboxing Included)

If you’re following me regularly, you know I switched systems, so I got a few new tools. Here’s what I got and why.

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A New iPhone Arrived (And How It May Affect You)

A New iPhone - Feature

Another summer, another iPhone. However, things are a bit different this year, here’s how.

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